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  • 7 Apps to Boost your Productivity

    “There’s an app for that”. How many times have you heard that saying? The same can be said for productivity apps, whether it be to organize your to-do lists and projects, draft and review documents, or communicate with your team. Here are 7 apps to help you boost your productivity wherever you are.

  • 4 Office Supplies You’re Better Off Buying Bulk

    There are a number of ways to save money when purchasing office supplies. One tactic to use is to purchase your office supplies in bulk. To help you avoid those days that come to a screeching halt when you notice you’ve run out of an all important office supply, here are 4 areas to consider buying in bulk:

  • 9 Storage Options for The Office

    Staying organized in the office is crucial for remaining productive at work. To help facilitate this, consider adding a few storage elements to your work space. Here are some essential storage options for the office:

  • 5 Areas to Cut the Clutter in the Office

    Cutting clutter in the office is essential in developing positive work routines and improve your productivity. On the other hand a disorganized office, can lead to less focus when working. Here are 5 areas in the office to cut out clutter:

  • 7 Ways to Create your Office Sanctuary

    Many of us are passionate about our work, and our office environment should reflect this. Your office doesn’t need to be a stressful or rigid place. In fact, you can develop an office retreat with these tips:

  • 6 Tips to Reduce Paper in the Office

    The paperless office is a term that has long been coined. However, it still isn’t a reality for a majority of businesses. That being said, we can still make a effort to cut down on the use of paper. To help do this, here are some tips to reduce paper in the office:

  • 5 Sticky Note Hacks for the Office

    Sticky notes come in a range of sizes and brands. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your sticky notes when you’re at the office.

  • Is the Open Concept Office Right for You?

    As mentioned in last week’s blog post, one of the biggest trends in office space design is the open concept office. However, committing to this idea is a big step. To help you decide if the open concept office is right for you, here’s what you should consider.

  • The Ultimate Guide for an Environmentally Friendly Office

    An environmentally friendly office is an important goal for businesses. It helps our planet, reduces costs and creates a welcoming work environment.

  • 10 Must-Know Office Supply Hacks

    Use these 10 office supply hacks to find clever uses for your extra binder clips, sticky notes and other miscellaneous supplies around the office.