4 Office Supplies You’re Better Off Buying Bulk

better off buying bulkThere are a number of ways to save money when purchasing office supplies. One tactic to use is to purchase your office supplies in bulk.

To help you avoid those days that come to a screeching halt when you notice you’ve run out of an all important office supply, here are 4 areas to consider buying in bulk:

1. Paper Products

As much as we strive for a paperless business, this isn’t a reality for many companies. There are a few areas where paper in inevitable in the office. The first is your printer and photocopying area. Second, determine if your employees prefer to write down notes so you can provide them with notebooks and sticky notes to keep tracks of projects and tasks. Remember to consider environmentally friendly options as well.

2. Writing Supplies

As an appropriate second office supply after paper products are writing utensils. Staple pieces in the office can include pens, pencils and highlighters. You can never go wrong with purchasing writing supplies in bulk; they won’t go unused. Keep in mind that buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice quality.

3. Promotional Products

Promotional products are hugely beneficial for businesses for a number of reasons including, adding them to your marketing mix, and distributing them as thanks to your employees. Buying promotional products in bulk can be especially useful if you’re gearing up for a trade show or event, or if you’re in the process of hiring new employees. There’sa promotional product to suit any work situation.

4. Kitchen Supplies

As work-life balance continues to evolve, and more and more employees have the option of flexible work hours, it’s important to keep the office kitchen stocked. This can include drink options like coffee and tea, as well as non perishable snacks like granola bars or popcorn to help your employee pull through the afternoon slump.

Buying in bulk have help you avoid lad-minute crisis and save money. Are there any other office supplies you prefer to buy in bulk? Let us know!

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