Ring in the New Year: The Top 7 Office Supply Blog Posts from 2019

Everyday Office’s Top Blog Posts for 2019

2020 has begun, and to kick the year off we’d like to look back at some of the blog posts that caught the most attention during 2019. From buying erasable pens to saving money on office supply procurements, there are quite a few topics that readers were drawn to. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read these posts, set aside some time and give them a look. 

1. When to Use an Erasable Pen (And When Not To) 

Erasable pens aren’t as common as other writing tools, but a lot of people find use in them. With this post, we highlighted when these pens should be used, and when you should opt for a more traditional pen. 

2. 5 Differences Between Laser and Inkjet Printers 

When setting up a printer station for the office, there are many options at your disposal. Inkjet and laser printers are available to buy, and each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. 

This blog post highlighted the differences between inkjet and laser printers, and can help you choose between them. 

3. 7 Ways to Stay Healthy & Lead a Healthy Lifestyle While In the Office 

Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle while working at the office? We’ve highlighted 7 ways you can do this. 

From drinking more water to taking the elevator instead of the stairs, these tips can help you develop a healthier lifestyle for the New Year. 

4. How Local Offices in Canada Can Save Money on Office Supplies & Procurement 

Finding good deals on office supplies is difficult when so many companies are offering their own deals. Read this post to learn how you can find a procurement partner who will help you save money. 

5. Which Type of Pen Suits You? How to Choose the Best Pen for Work 

There are many different pens you can shop for, so finding one that suits your specific needs can be a bit of a challenge. This guide we created last year will help you find the perfect pen to use at your job. 

6. Reducing Print Costs: Print Solutions & Hacks to Help You Save Money  

Printing costs make up some of the largest expenses that companies have to deal with. This is why we highlighted some ways you can save paper and money over the course of the year. 

7. Spring Cleaning Office Edition: Tackle Your Cluttered Desk! 

Having an organized desk is the key to staying on top of things at work. This is why our guide to cleaning up cluttered desks gained a lot of attention last year. 

Try using it keep on track with your goals in 2020! 

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