Make Cubicles Fun Again: Creative Ideas & Hacks for Your Workspace

How You Can Get Creative with Office Design 

Cubicles are staples of the office environment, but that doesn’t make them any less boring. Having to stare at bare, grey walls all day can be a pain, and doing so for too long can actually hinder your creative abilities. This is why you should take control of your cubicle and revamp it so it’s more fun to work in. 

We’ve highlighted a few fun ideas you can use for your office cubicle. Try them out, and reignite your passion for creativity. 

Bring in Colorful Plants

Lone Pink Flower Sitting on a Table

A great way to spruce up your office cubicle is by decorating it with some plants. Plants will add some vibrant and relaxing colors to your cubicle, making it a more enjoyable space to work in. From tulips to cacti, there are plenty of plants to choose from, and there are plenty of cost-effective options too. 

On top of this, the plants will work to clean the air around your cubicle. They get rid of harmful substances floating around you, leaving you in a much better mood. With the benefits plants have, there’s no reason not to have some around your cubicle. 

Cover Bare Walls with Patterned Fabric

If you don’t want to stare at grey walls all day, try hanging some patterned fabric on the walls of your cubicle. Shop for some colorful fabric from your local craft store, and grab some pins as well. Use the pins to hang the fabric up in your cubicle, and say goodbye to those boring and bare walls. 

A quick work of advice: try not to pick fabric with colors that are too distracting. While you want to make your cubicle more fun, you don’t want to get distracted from your assignments. 

Hang Pictures & Other Things

Hanging Postcards on Cubicle Wall using Clips & Wire

In addition to patterned fabric, you can hang other things up in your cubicle. 

Do you have some pictures of family members, or a postcard you really like? Bring them with you to work and hang them in your cubicle to make things livelier. You can also print out some motivational quotes and hang them up in case you need a pick-me-up on a bad day. 

Another fun idea would be to create a fake window on the side of the cubicle. While it won’t give you a proper look outside, it will give you the impression that you’re looking at a beautiful outdoor scene. On slower workdays, this can really help to pick up your spirits. 

There’s also a lot you can do with sticky notes to make organizing your workspace fun. 

Incorporate Décor & Other Things You Like

It’s important to remember that your cubicle is your own workspace. This means you are free to decorate it however you please. Instead of grabbing any piece of office décor you find from a local store, you should bring things in that you find personal enjoyment in. 

Is there a movie or television show you really enjoy? Bring in décor themed around those franchises, and use them to decorate your cubicle. If you like eating mints or a specific type of candy, buy a small bowl and fill it up so you have snacks on your desk for the work week. 

Having fun with your cubicle is the key to making it a more enjoyable and fun workspace. 

Decorate Your Keyboard & Other Office Supplies

paper clips, coasters, pins and a mac keyboard decorated in patterned tape

Another fun idea to try out is decorating the tools you use every day, like your keyboard. Many craft stores sell sticker packs that you can use to decorate the individual keys, so pick one up when you go shopping! 

Do you have pencils and pens that you use every day? Grab some paint and decorate them with some fun designs. You can also use colorful washi tape to spruce up your mouse and mousepad. 

Exercise your creative talents a bit, and you can make using your regular office tools a lot more fun to use. 

Spruce up Your Cubicle for the Holidays

an office wall with shelves and assorted documents, decorated in string lights

You can also liven up your cubicle by decorating it for an upcoming holiday. This is a fun way to get you and your coworkers into the holiday spirit.  

For Halloween, try placing some spooky decorations on the outside wall of the cubicle. Skeletons, cobwebs, and witches are all great things to place around your workspace. You can also cover the inside walls with black and orange fabric to really get into the Halloween spirit. 

There’s also a lot you can do for the Christmas season. For example, you can dress up your desk in cotton to make it look like it’s been snowing over your workspace. You can also use brown paper and other decorations to make your cubicle look like a giant gingerbread house. 

For an extra level of fun, hold a contest to see who can design the best cubicle for each holiday! 

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