7 Ways to Foster Creativity & Productivity in Your Work Environment

Inspire Creativity at the Office

Creativity is an important aspect of running a business. Not all solutions can be solved the same way, so having employees who can tackle problems in different ways can be a helpful asset. By inspiring creativity, employees will be more motivated, leading to better productivity levels. This raises the following question: how do you foster creativity at the office?

Continue reading and learn about seven ways you can do that.

Schedule Brainstorming Sessions

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One of the best ways to foster creativity at the office is to set up brainstorming sessions. Each employee has their own ideas, along with their own methods of problem solving. Brainstorming sessions allow everyone to share their ideas in a positive, friendly environment.

During a session, give each attendant a set amount of time to present their ideas on a particular topic. Have the other attendants take notes during each presentation. At the end, have everyone vote on the ideas they like the most.

Not every idea will be perfect, but there will be at least one that everyone will like.

Encourage Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration can also inspire employees to be more creative. Remember that not all the world’s best ideas were created by a single person. Many fresh ideas are created when people partner up with coworkers who have their own insights.

A smart idea would be to have employees from different departments work together on different projects. This will allow them gain new perspectives on topics they are not as familiar with. By allowing employees to share their knowledge with each other, everyone will be able to come up with fresh new ideas for the company to use.

Allow for Flexible Work Hours

Another way to inspire creativity is to offer flexible work schedules to employees. While the nine-to-five work schedule is commonplace in today’s work climate, it can be a hindrance to some. Some people get more motivation later in the day, and are not able to do their best work early in the morning.

Let employees choose their work hours, whether that be in the morning or later at night. Doing this will allow them to work to the best of their abilities, and they will be more productive as a result.

Be Supportive, & Reward Creative Ideas

Employees are more productive when they feel valued. When employees come up with successful ideas, do not hesitate to praise them. If the idea leads to financial gain for the company, give the employees involved with its creation a cash bonus.

This makes employees feel like their work matters, and this will motivate them to work harder. This will inspire them to be more creative, and this can lead to even better ideas in the future.

Update With Creative Office Design

The design of your office can also influence your employees’ creative abilities. Colors can have an impact on an employee’s mood and performance, so design your office around colors that promote creativity. Yellow should be a big focus, since it represents optimism, positivity, and friendliness, as well as creativity.

If your office still uses cubicles, try taking them down so employees can interact more. People also need to be comfortable to be creative, so make sure you prioritize ergonomic office design. If you still use cubicles, let your employees be creative with how they design them

Finally, employees need to take breaks so they do not burn themselves out. Set up a lounge so they can sit down, have a drink, and chat.

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Allow Time for Fun & Breaks

Few people have the capacity to be creative all the time. Doing too much work without taking a break will cause employees to burn out. When this happens, no work will get done. Always leave time for people to take breaks or play games so they can recharge.

Bring a board game, like checkers, into the office so people can play during the downtime. Let employees go out for ten to twenty minute walks, and give them a chance to exercise for a bit. Let them do things that allow them to step away from their work for a bit.

After stepping away from projects, employees may be exposed to things that could trigger creative ideas. Once they come back from their breaks, the employees will be ready to tackle their ideas with a clear mind.

Do Not Be Afraid of Failure

To inspire employees to be creative, you must not be afraid of failure. Many people are afraid to share their ideas because they think they will get shot down. Being afraid of mistakes could lead you to miss out on a great opportunity for your business.

Let people experiment with new ideas so they can present them to you. If you see flaws in their ideas, do not shoot them down right away. Highlight the positives of their ideas, and offer constructive criticism so employees know how to improve.

This shows you have interest in your employees’ ideas, and this will inspire them to work harder.

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