Office Supplies & More For The Food & Beverage Industry

While contactless payments and other digital storefront innovations have dramatically transformed the food & beverage industry, pen and paper are still a critical part of the business. A well-run grocery store, restaurant or bar still heavily relies on a wide range of office supplies to function smoothly. Cashiers and wait staff still need pen and paper to track orders throughout the day. In fact, would any of these day-to-day tasks be possible without some kind of office supply?

  • Creating labels for your backroom storage and filing
  • Coordinating & scheduling shifts for your staff
  • Securing and locking up cash registers & tills
  • Cleaning up spills & messes

Everyday Office Supplies is your one-stop shop for all of your storefront and backroom supplies. We offer a broad range of standard office supplies from printer paper, pens, notepads and label makers. Beyond that, we also have a wide assortment of backroom supplies for cleaning, safety and security, as well as for your breakroom.

With over 50,000 SKUs, we make sure we are your one-stop shop for all of your day-to-day needs. Along with our next day delivery, we make sure your business stays running smoothly every day.

More Than Just Office Supplies

Aside from office supplies, we are also your source for professional printing services and promotional products. We can help you create signs and billboards, as well as uniforms and branded wear that will make your storefront pop. Look no further than Everyday Office Supplies to give your storefront a professional makeover.

When you buy from Everyday Office Supplies, you are not only supporting a truly Canadian company, but you’re also helping your bottom line. Our web specials can’t be beat, and we always have our best prices on our top selling products.

Don’t wait, get the office supplies you need for your storefront and start saving today!