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Every Day Office Supplies Inc. – An Essential Office Tool and Commodity

Most office workers see office supplies as an essential office commodity they need to operate efficiently, effectively and comfortably. That’s why we regularly stock over 50,000 SKUs in our warehouses across Canada. They are the items that our customers consistently search for at and consistently order online.

With our wide selection of office supplies, it’s clear that employees in today’s high-tech office still can’t live without:

Modern offices still require everyday office supplies and as far as most office workers are concerned, they’re the basic tools of whatever trade they happen to ply day to day.

Why Make Every Day Office Supply your Trusted Office Supply Source:

Our president and CEO, Kalyn Carter, has been in your shoes before and understands your needs in finding a supplier. Here’s what she will do for your business:

  • Kalyn asks the questions that identify your real needs
  • Kalyn knows that you need a lot more than product from us
  • Kalyn figures out what matters most to your firm – price, quality, delivery, unique products, ergonomics, green/eco-friendliness
  • Kalyn takes it personally to give you the most personal attention every time
  • Kalyn knows you need it NOW – so you get free next day delivery
  • Everyday Office Supplies’ no-questions-asked, no-reason-needed return policy
  • Everyday Office Supplies’ multiple distribution centers Canada-wide ensure seamless access and free next-day delivery
  • Everyday Office Supplies’ assigns you your very own account exec because when you deal with the same person every time, you will never ever again need to start your story from the very beginning – never ever!

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