To hit internal and external milestones and targets, every construction company needs to have the right people and equipment on hand to handle the scheduling, set priorities and juggle the day-to-day challenges.

While it may be an after thought, having the right office furniture and supplies plays a critical part in keeping the job site organized and ensuring project safety and success.

At Everyday Office Supplies, we offer filing equipment and office furnishings for your main and off-site office spaces. Whether your office requires file folders, labels, desks, tables, chairs, or lateral files, we stock all major brands including Lorell, Fellowes, Sentry Safe, Global, FireKing, and Basyx by HON. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

We understand safety is paramount in the construction industry and we offer a range of personal protective equipment including ear muffs and plugs, glasses/goggles, hard hats, high-visibility vests and more. Let’s discuss your specific requirements and what will best protect your employees.

Offering free next day delivery across the GTA, we’ll make sure that everyone at your site has what’s required to get the job done safely and on time. As a result, we make sure our delivery drivers are provided with the steel-toed footwear and hardhats required to deliver our products to your doorstep. Your staff won’t have to leave the task at hand to meet our drivers at the front gate.

Join the growing ranks of construction firms that already partner with Everyday Office Supplies to stock their work sites across the GTA. We are dependable, reliable and trusted to stock and supply the equipment that construction offices and sites need to be efficient and effective. Look no further than our online store today.

Check out our Safety Products, available next day to your worksite.