Spread Some Cheer With Custom Promotional Products for the Holidays

What Gifts Should You Send for the Holidays?

During the holiday season, it’s great to show your valued clients that you appreciate their business. By sending them customized gifts for the holidays, you can strengthen your relationships with them. Not only that, promotional items make great gifts for your hard-working employees. 

If you’re having trouble deciding which items you should get, we can help you out. Below we’ve listed some great items that can make great custom gifts for the holidays. 

Coffee Mugs

Steaming Hot, Logoed Cup of Coffee Sitting On a Table

Coffee mugs and cups are among the most common items that companies send as holiday gifts. Coffee is already a popular drink in offices, but during the winter season more people will be drinking it to warm up. Anyone who enjoys a quick cup of coffee in the morning will appreciate getting a mug as a gift. 

If you’re able to, try to give away custom coffee sets. That way you can sweeten the deal for clients by sending spoons and coffee blends with their new mugs. 


Hosting an office holiday party to close out the year? Customized ornaments make great gifts to give to your employees as party favors. These ornaments can serve as keepsakes that employees can use to remember the good times everyone shared over the holidays. 

Think about giving the ornaments a design that’s pleasant to the eye, and reflects your company as a whole. 

Sweatshirts, Jackets, & Hats

Winter apparel is another good option to go with. Sweatshirts, jackets, and beanie hats are all great gifts because they keep people warm when they have to trek through the snow. With how cold it can get during the winter, your customers and employees will appreciate the thought. 

If you don’t know which sizes to pick out, ask around a bit before you finalize any orders. 

Pillows & Blankets

Blankets also make wonderful gifts for the holiday season. As the temperature drops outside, there’s nothing better than laying on the couch and covering yourself with a warm throw blanket. Providing blankets for the holidays is a great way to show that you’re looking out for your customers and employees. 

As an added bonus, you should throw a customized pillow in. Everyone will need something comfortable to rest their heads on when they use their new blankets. 

Candy & Gift Baskets

Here’s one more idea for holiday gifts: sending out boxes of candy or gift baskets adorned with your company logo. Everyone loves a good treat for the holidays, so a collection of goodies will put the people you value in a great mood for the season. 

Whether you want to send cashews, peppermint bark, or chocolates, a nice holiday snack will make anyone happy. If you are sending these to clients, send them out as soon as possible so they stay fresh. Also, be mindful of people with specific allergies. 

If you need help getting gifts together,
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