Office Design Changes That Encourage a Healthier Work-Life Balance

Office Solutions That Create a Better Work-Life Balance

As technology continues to advance, striking a good work-life balance at the office is getting more difficult. As more office workers feel the need to stay connected to work out of the office, workplace stress is becoming too common. To improve the balance and keep your employees happy, you should make a few changes to your office’s design.

Continue reading and learn how you can create a happier and healthier work environment that keeps employees stress-free.

Create Cozy, Quiet Spaces for Employees

Office Working Sitting at Table, Drinking a Cup of Coffee

One of the best ways to improve the work-life balance at the office is to provide private spaces for employees. While open office spaces encourage collaboration, they aren’t for everyone. Some employees need silence in order to work, and too much noise can be very distracting.

By providing private spaces, employees can work on assignments in peace, or use them to conduct meetings and calls with no outside distractions. Private spaces also allow employees to get away from their desks and enjoy some peace and quiet when they need it. You can make these space more effective by designing them with cozy furniture you would find at home.

Make Social Spaces Feel Distinct From the Office

Office Lounge, With People Sitting Around on Couches

Designing areas that allow for relaxed social interactions away from workstations can make employees a lot happier. The trick is to make these areas feel as far removed from the traditional office environment as possible. Doing so allows employees to take themselves out of the working mood, making it easier for them to unwind.

If you plan to design a lounge for your office, try to find furniture you’d find in a household or a public space, like a café. This makes it easier for people to not think about being in the office, which allows for a relaxing escape from the daily work routine.

Focus on Ergonomic Workplace Design

Wooden Office Desk, With a White Rolling Office Chair Nearby

If you want employees to be healthier at work, creating ergonomic workstations should be one of your priorities. Certain projects can be stressful for employees, and they’re going to get even more stressed if they aren’t comfortable. Evaluate every workstation in the office, and think about how you can improve each one. The office chairs you use should be made from comfortable materials, and should offer features like lumbar support. Employees are going to be sitting down for long periods of time, so each of them should have something comfortable to sit on.

You should also consider swapping out regular workstations for adjustable sit-stand workstations. It’s been proven before that standing while working leads to a much healthier lifestyle, and that sitting too long is actually harmful in the long term.

Incorporate Fun, Non-Traditional Elements

Billiards Table, With Three Men Sitting Around Near a Bar

An important rule of office design is that you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative. To help employees relax, some companies incorporate fun things that wouldn’t normally be found in an office setting. There are a few notable examples we’d like to go over.

Some companies set up game rooms in their offices that have ping pong tables, croquet sets, and even video game consoles. Other businesses have built gyms for their employees, complete with workout mats, treadmills, and punching bags.

While these things could be seen as distractions, giving employees something fun to do during breaks will foster a healthy and creative working environment. Try thinking outside the box, and craft something that all your employees will benefit from using during breaks.

Get Feedback From Your Workforce

The people who have the best ideas for what your workplace needs are your employees. They’re the ones who spend their time working in the office, so they know will make them happy. If you want to create the best workplace for your employees, you need to get them involved in the design process.

Sit down with employees to get an understanding of their needs and how they work each day. Listen to their feedback, and see what needs to be added, and what needs to be removed. By doing this, you will do a better job of revamping your workplace so it compliments your team.

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