Is the Open Concept Office Right for You?

Open Concept OfficeAs mentioned in last week’s blog post, one of the biggest trends in office space design is the open concept office. However, committing to this idea is a big step. To help you decide if the open concept office is right for you, here’s what you should consider.


Having an open concept office gives employees the opportunity to communicate and collaborate outside the meeting room. They facilitate create more casual conversations, encouraging employees to discuss ideas more readily. Although we have a number of ways to communicate with the increased integration of technology, nothing can beat face-to-face interactions to express ideas. On the other hand, open concept offices can also lead to more noise which can be distracting to employees.


The idea of an open concept office can also illustrate the transparency of the company. By bringing down traditional cubical walls, a democratic culture is reinforced. However, the lack of walls leads to a lack of privacy. Some employees may prefer to have a more private work space in order to concentrate or carry out specific tasks in private, such as making phone calls.


Many growing companies are choosing to incorporate alternative types of spaces that include, couches, hammocks or bean bag chairs in their office space design. By creating comfortable zones, employees may feel more at ease in the work place. This can encourage employees to spend more time at work. On the other had it could also lead to the decrease of productivity.

As you can see, there are number of factors to consider before making the move to an open concept office. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages to an open concept office, its important to think about what specific ideas may be beneficial for your type of business.

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