Extra Sticky Note Hacks And Ideas For Office Tidiness And Funky Fun

They come in all colors and sometimes even funky shapes. Sticky notes are the number one item for jotting down a quick thought, a reminder, or even to prank your coworker with. But what about those extra ones floating around your workspace? They can be both useful and amusing, and have we got some great hacks and fun ideas for you to use them!



Clean Keyboards

Had lunch at your desk? Crumbs aren’t exactly professional. The sticky side is effective at picking up small bits of crumbs, dirt or dust that collects on your keyboard and along the sides of the keys. You can also clean up specks on your computer screen without leaving a smudge.

Brainstorming Sessions at Meetings

Instead of writing on a whiteboard, use one sticky note for each idea. You can also use different colours for different types of ideas and stick them to the wall as you go. This allows you to easily arrange and re-arrange ideas (notes) as the meeting progresses, making timelines, ranking ideas, separating by categories, etc. Doing this also means that you will have physical copies of everything that was discusse

Makeshift To-Do Lists

Stay on top of the game before it event begins. At the end of each day, write your to-do list of what you didn’t accomplish that day and what you know must be done for tomorrow on a sticky note and stick it to your wall, cubicle or laptop screen. You’ll automatically be reminded the next workday what tasks you need to finish and which ones you need to begin work on.

fighting procrastination concept – do it phrase on color sticky notes posted on a cork bulletin board

Drink Coasters

Rings on tables are not only uncleanly, but also unprofessional, especially if you want to bring a coffee into a meeting with a client. Sticky notes are the quick and easy solution when you don’t have a proper coaster on hand. Put a sticky note with the sticky side down to create a coaster and prevent drips or condensation from fall on your desk or conference table. If you’re in a meeting, attendees can also write their name down on the sticky note to identify their glasses and their seats.

Lint Removal

As much as you might love your dog, Fido, or your cat, Sprinkles, having animal hair or lint on your work pants sends the wrong message. Use the sticky sides of a few notes to quickly lift pet hair, dust or lint from your dark clothes or top before a big lunch or presentation. Masking tape works as a lint remover as well but could damage your clothing if its stickiness is too strong.

Ideas The Stick: Turn Your Sticky Notes Into Art!

Office Gallery

This one works really well if you have a talented illustrator or drawer in your office. When people get down to their last few sticky notes, pass them over to your Sir (or) Madam Talent to make illustrations or caricatures of employees. This is a great way to personalize the office and give it a sense of fun.

Flip Book

Have an extra sticky note pad? Turn it into a flipbook! No artistic talent required. Stick figures always accepted. These are fun little projects that you can work on during your break or if you need a moment to recharge your brain from writers’ block. The result is always amusing and can be enjoyed whenever you need a smile.


Post-it Party Potpourri

With all the different colours sticky notes come in, they are the perfect cost-effective decoration for any office party. Arrange them to spell out “Congrats!” or makes a flag banner by sticking them to twine. Want to get REALLY fun? Make a monster piñata for a coworker’s birthday. (Click the image to learn how!)


The use of sticky notes goes only as far as your imagination. Make murals! Pull pranks! These are the best tools to use for safe and practical fun in the office. Stick them to the walls, your monitor, coworkers…(just don’t stick them on your cat…he won’t like it.)


Watch This Video By Our Leading Lady & CEO Kalyn Carter For BIG sticking Ideas!

BIG POST-IT NOTES – arcandcrown

Happy Sticking! 😀


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