7 Ways To Stay Healthy & Lead A Healthy Lifestyle While In The Office

1. Drink More Water When You Are At Your Desk

Water is the key to life and the key to staying healthy. On average a person should drink about 2 liters of water per day, or 8 glasses. Water helps to keep your temperature regulated, protects your spinal chord, makes your skin clear, and so much more!

Tip: Try to drink five (5) 8oz glasses of water during your workday. Keep a tally on a sticky note so you can keep track of your progress. The other three you can have at home with one when you wake up, one before or during dinner, and one before bed.

Try breaking up the tallies at work like this:

  • Morning: ||
  • Lunch: |
  • Afternoon: ||

2. Stand Up While You Work & Stand Up Often

You’ve all heard the trope ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ and the sad truth is that it’s true. The average person spends the lion’s share of their workweek sitting at a desk, but while this brings financial security, it puts the body in jeopardy by risking musculoskeletal injuries, especially if your workplace has not invested in ergonomic design. The good news is that standing can combat and help prevent such injuries.

Tips: a. Invest in a sit-stand workstation. They will allow you to easily transition from sitting to standing with no interruption to the way you work.
b. Simply stand once in a while! Make a loop around your office or walk outside for some fresh air and then return to your desk.

3. Skip The Elevator And Take The Stairs When Going To & From The Office

If your office is on at least the second floor, take the stairs when going to and from the office. The extra steps will not only burn calories, but it will help to keep your heart and muscles in shape. Walking just that extra bit each day pays off in the long run.

Tip: If you have smart phone or watch, use the health app to track the amount of steps you take each day. Set a goal, for example, of 10,000. Each time you go to sit back down at your desk, check your progress.

Cartoon Man and Woman Running

4. Take Your Gym Session In The Middle Of The Day

The time your have for your break in the middle of the day is yours to do with as you will. Use this time wisely and you can reap incredible health benefits. Go to a gym if you have one nearby, do exercises in the office, or go for a run in the area around your office building. You’ll feel better having moved your body; it’ll give you a second wind for the afternoon, and keep you fit.

Tip: There isn’t enough time to do an entire workout, so choose cardio + something different each day and after eat a healthy lunch with protein while you work at your desk instead of the breakroom.

A midday workout schedule can look something like this:

Monday: 20 Minute Cardio, 10 Minute Core, Stretch

Tuesday: 20 Minute Cardio, 10 Minute Arms, Stretch

Wednesday 30 Minute Cardio, 10 Minute Stretch/Yoga

Thursday: 20 Minute Cardio, 10 Minute Legs, Stretch

Friday: 30-40 minute Walk

5. Skip The Take Out & Bring Your Own Lunch To Work

By packing your own lunch, you have total control over what you eat during the day and will likely save money in the long run. An easy hassle free way to do this is to make your lunches for the week ahead of time, or even the night before. This way, all you have to do grab it from the fridge and go!

Tip: Healthy lunches you can easily make include:

· Grilled chicken & rice

· Salad (be sure to bring a side of dressing so it doesn’t get soggy!)

· Protein shake/bar

· Avocado

6. Stretch Out The Workplace Tension

Cartoon Woman Stretching

Aside from exercise, it is important that you stretch on a daily basis as well. Maintaining one position, like sitting at a desk, for an extended period of time can cause tightening, strain, and even pain for muscles. Taking a moment to stand up and stretch a couple of times during the day will help your body to remain relaxed, flexible, and comfortable.

Tip: Some stretches you can perform right at your desk:

· Clasp fingers together, palms facing up, and raise them up as high as you can over your head

· Press your fingers back slightly to relive them from hours of typing

· Stand up, bend down, and try to touch your toes

· Slowly bring your ear to your shoulder and then do the same on the other side

7. Practice Mindfulness & Breathe During Your Work Day

Mindfulness does not just mean being aware and on task, but being aware of your own body, how you are feeling and reacting. People are not hardwired to work work work—we are not machines! Every so often throughout the day, check in with your mind and body and assess how you are feeling. Take a moment to sit back from your desk, close your eyes and just breathe. You’ll find yourself being more productive, less stressed and healthier both physically and mentally.

Tip: There are many apps available to help you maintain a healthy state of mindfulness, and there are many designed specifically for the busy working person. By downloading one of these apps, you can receive reminders to honor your wellbeing as well as guidance to achieve the best benefits throughout the workday.


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