When to Use an Erasable Pen (And When Not To)

erasable pen

Just when we thought we couldn’t write another blog about pens, we realized there was a type of pen we didn’t cover in our blog post on choosing the right pen for work.

We are talking about erasable pens! These pen-pencil hybrids writing instruments aren’t nearly as well-known, popular or common as regular ballpoint, gel or rollerball pens, but they do offer the unique feature of being erasable while being more permanent than a pencil.

How do erasable pens work?

Erasable pens write and function much like regular ball point or gel pens. However, the ink in erasable pens is formulated differently. Erasable pens work in two ways, rubber cement and thermo-sensitive ink.

In newer erasable pens, “thermochromic ink” is used as the pigment. By default, this ink is dark but when the ink is heated up, such as from the friction of an eraser, it turns clear to make it seem as if the ink was erased.

When to use erasable pens

Erasable pens are great for people who prefer to erase writing instead of crossing it out. Similar to pencils, the impermanence helps keep notes tidier and more orderly, except that erasable pen ink doesn’t smudge after you’re done writing.

  • Taking notes
  • Jotting down appointments in calendars
  • Writing lists or a set of ordered items
  • Doodling or drawing
  • Crosswords or sudoko puzzles

When not to use erasable pens

  • Legal or other documents requiring signatures
  • Notes or letters that should last a long time
  • Paper that have textured or unusual writing surfaces

Erasable pens are just one of the many pen options available to you. To browse other types of pens and writing utensils, visit us at


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