5 Areas to Cut the Clutter in the Office

clutter in the officeCutting clutter in the office is essential in developing positive work routines and improve your productivity. On the other hand a disorganized office, can lead to decreased focus, and your ability to process information when working.

Here are 5 areas in the office to cut out clutter:

1. Desk

The central element of any office is a desk and many of us spend a majority of our work day there. To de-clutter this area, make sure to pay attention to both the top desk surface, drawers, and other organizational elements in your desk. Consider selecting a desk organizer to help you keep things tidy. For your drawers, think about adding small boxes and containers for more storage. Keep and eye out for duplicates, old documents, and items that belong is another area in the office to maintain your clutter-free desk.

2. Filing cabinet

Filing cabinets are often a essential piece of storage in many offices. If this area is cluttered, take some time to determine a new way to organize your filing cabinet. If used properly, a filing cabinet can have a lot of potential for housing historical and emergency documents. File as you go and incorporate this step into your organizational routine.

3. Inbox

Email is often the primary method of communication in the office, which can mean your email inbox can quickly get flooded. An easy way to continually cut your inbox clutter is by unsubscribing to irrelevant newsletters and deleting old emails you’ve been cc’d on. Outside the inbox, you may also want to take some time to organize your internet bookmarks, and your desktop folders. Don’t disregard this aspect of your office when de-cluttering.

4. Cables

Cords and cables are inevitable with our increased use and dependence on phones, laptops, computers, printers, chargers, and so many more electronic devices. If cluttered, this can create a tangled mess, which frankly, can be frustrating to use. To organize your cables and cords think about re-purposing your binder clips, for easy access.

5. Mind

Finally, it’s important to de-clutter your mind in the office. Take some time to rejuvenate with some healthy snacks and drinks. You may even decide to take a few minutes away from work to do some exercises at your desk, or meditate. With increasing workloads or longer days at work, it’s important to keep your mind clear and reduce mental overload, which will ultimately lead to you staying productive.

Remember to continue to take inventory of your office supplies, documents, and other office items periodically. Organize, put-away or purge your office inventory as you see fit to keep your clutter in check.

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