10 Must-Know Office Supply Hacks

Office supplies are useful for so much more than their obvious purpose. Use these 10 office supply hacks to find unconventional but clever uses for your extra binder clips, sticky notes and other miscellaneous supplies around the office.

1. Binder clips to organize cords & chargers

binder clips

2. Sticky notes as wall calendars

sticky note calendar

3. Bread tap to mark the end of a tape roll

bread tab

4. iPhone speaker from toilet roll & plastic cups

iphone speakers

5. Sticky notes as keyboard cleaner

sticky note

6. Cuff links from binder clips

binder clip cuff link

7. iPhone stand from 2 binder clips

binder clips phone stand

8. MacBook charger as bottle opener

bottle opener macbook charger

9. Muffin pan as drawer organizer

muffin pan organizer

10. Manage headphone cords with binder clips

binder clips as headphone cord organizer

Are there other office supply hacks we missed on this list? Share your tips in the comments below!


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