7 Ways to Create your Office Sanctuary

office sanctuaryWith changes in technology, office designs and work-life balance, we have a lot of new opportunities to work the way we want to. Many of us are passionate about our work, and our office environment should reflect this.

Your office doesn’t need to be a stressful or rigid place. In fact, you can develop an office retreat with these tips:

1. Headphones

A great pair of headphones can help you focus on working, whether that be to listen to some music, a podcast or simply cancel out outside noises. You have a number of options when choosing the best headphones for you including, over-head or in-ear and design. Whichever one you select they are sure help you build your office oasis.

2. Plants

Bring the outdoors in to create the perfect office retreat. Since you may not always be in the office, select a plant that requires minimal maintenance. In fact some plants like a cactus or succulent requires almost no up keep. Remember, you’ll also be contributing to creating a more environmentally friendly office, which is always positive. Bring the outdoors in to create the perfect office

3. Lighting

It can be really draining to spend the day working under generic florescent lights. If you have the option, consider choosing, a personal desk or floor lamp to help warm up your space. If not, open your windows and bring in some natural light. It is sure to improve your mood!

4. Heating and Cooling

You won’t necessarily have control of the temperature of your office, but you can control your comfort in a few easy ways. Consider adding a portable heater or a warm carpet to your area. On the other hand, to cool down, you can add a small fan. If not, cracking a window open is always an option.

5. Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Keep your energy up throughout the day by choosing to indulge in some healthy snacks and drinks at your desk. In your snack stash you may want to include fruits, nuts, and chocolate. Don’t forget to add some healthy drinks like fresh juices and teas to your collection.

6. Ergonomic Furniture

Most likely if you are working in an office, you are at a desk. It’s important to equip your office with a desk and chairs with ergonomic furniture to improve comfort and reduce tense or stressed muscles. In the long run, choosing ergonomic furniture in your workplace is one of the best things you can do for your health at work. Keep in mind that in selecting ergonomic furniture you don’t need to compromise on style or design.

7. Personalize

Take some time to think about how you enjoy doing your work and choose to decorate your office for yourself. Do you want to showcase pictures of your family and friends or your accomplishments? Do you prefer a minimalist or cozy office? Ultimately, you’ll have to determine what type of environment will make you the most productive at work.

Try out one, two or all of these tips in your office space. If you need help getting started with your office sanctuary reach out to us at


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