The Ultimate Guide for an Environmentally Friendly Office

Potted PlantDecreasing our environmental footprint is an important goal for individuals and for businesses. Having an eco-friendly office not only helps our planet, but it can also reduce costs and create a more welcoming work environment.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Recycle everyday

This may seem like an obvious tip; however, putting it into action maybe more difficult. Make sure you have the proper signage and bins to make it easy for everyone in the office to recycle. In addition, think about recycling beyond the bin. Look for recycling programs, such as Rogers Business Trade-up, that help you properly dispose of office electronics.

Strive for a paperless office

Technology provides us with many opportunities to choose solutions that aren’t paper based. Take advantage of cloud systems such as Dropbox and GoogleDocs to share files. Think about converting to electronic billing and payroll systems. This will not only reduce paper, but also the use of postage materials like envelops and stamps.

Use green products

Nowadays, there is no shortage of environmentally friendly office supplies to choose from. Products include eco-friendly paper, folders, and sticky notes. You also have the option of using re-manufactured cartridges to make your environmental footprint even smaller. However, it doesn’t just end with office supplies. Figure out how to incorporate eco-friendly or non-toxic products in your office kitchen and bathrooms.

Bring the outdoors in

Take full advantage of what nature has to offer. Open up the windows instead of turning up the air-conditioning. Let in sunlight in instead of turning on all the lights. Bring in plants to work instead of plastic décor to spruce up your space.

Encourage a green lifestyle

Having the whole team on board when it comes to maintaining a green office environment is crucial. Many of the tips listed above are only effective if the team works together to make it happen. This way you’re more likely to stay vigilant about new ways to have a greener office.

Why not try out one, two or all of these tips in your office space. If you need help getting started on your path to a greener office drop us a line at


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