7 Benefits Of Sit-Stand Desk Converters For Everyday Canadian Offices

Sit-stand desk converters are the work tools taking Canadian offices by storm—and for good reason. The many benefits afforded by the design of this invention give hard working individuals back their lives and health, so they can work pain-free and positively throughout the workweek.  

Check out these seven (7) reasons to make the switch to standing… 

1. Sit-Stand Desk Converters Are Affordable Investments For Your Health 

The word “investment” brings about an image of a big numbers, but this is not the case with these converters. They are designed to protect your long-term health, and with such a variety to choose from, there is a sit-stand converter for any budget to reap the same invaluable benefits. A sit-stand desk converter is a one-time, low-cost purchase with a lifetime of better health for the user. 

2. Using This Device In The Office Helps To Maintain A Healthy Weight 

A person who sits continuously will have a slower metabolism, decreasing the amount of calories burned and adding to the chances of unhealthy weight gain. The purpose of a sit-stand desk converter is to seamlessly give an employee the option to conduct their usual deskwork while standing, and if the user takes advantage of this feature, they will burn 30% more calories per hour on average. 

For example: One afternoon of standing will burn approximately 170 calories more than if a person spent that time seated.  

If used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise routine, sit-stand desk converters will certainly aid in your fitness goals. 

3. Standing At Work Helps Prevent Metabolic Syndrome 

Standing more often reduces an individual’s chances of contracting metabolic syndrome. An umbrella for several conditions, metabolic syndrome is the name for the cluster of conditions that increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as weight gain and obesity. Standing is a top rate defense against such risks because it activates both the muscular and cellular systems to moderate insulin levels. An imbalance of insulin will cause the metabolism to become sluggish when the body is sitting for expansive amounts of time, such as working a 9-5 desk job. 

4. Sit-Stand Desk Converters Reduce Back & Neck Pain 

Human beings are designed to stand, and when we sit for extended periods of time it begins to take its toll on the body. Bend back your fingers as if stretching them from a long period of writing. The stretch feels good, but holding that position longer than necessary will induce pain in your fingers and wrist. They aren’t made to stay in that position too long, and the same idea applies to sitting for too long. 

Sitting extensively at a desk causes the vertebrae to become compressed. When this happens the spine falls into an unnatural curve, and the pain felt is actually an injury caused by the misalignment.  

Standing brings the body back into its natural, proper position, which relives the stress and pressure applied to the musculoskeletal that occurs when sitting. Switching to standing while you work will result in less, if not complete elimination, of back and neck pain. 

5. Desk Converters Improve Mood & Productivity 

When a person stands, the body is in better alignment, which means that the individual experiences less pain and/or discomfort. A person working comfortably will be less irritable and more positive in their daily routine, making them a more pleasant coworker and more open to teambuilding and collaboration.  

A desk converter also has positive impacts on productivity. A study found that ergonomic furniture in the work place resulted in 18% more work done. In addition, a workspace that incorporates a standing desk or a desk converter also promotes collaboration, since there is a smaller barrier to engage with others (versus a cubical desk for example). 

6. Standing Decreases Risk of Death From Any Cause 

Sitting can increase the chances of mortality because the body is not in proper health when it is continuously out of alignment. Conversely, standing brings the body back into balance and can overturn the negative effect that sitting has caused on the musculoskeletal system.  

7. Sit-Stand Desk Converters Are Easily Assembled 

Converters are, by nature, designed to make a person’s work experience more enjoyable and make it easier to go about their day. By the same philosophy sit-stand desks are often incredibly easy to put together. Often assembly takes only about 15 minutes at the most. That’s it! Just 15 minutes for a life-time of health benefits and comfort. 

We want all of our customers and their employees to live and work happy Everyday, which is why we so strongly encourage the use sit-stand desk converters for the 9-5 desk worker. A variety of converter options are always available in our inventory. Find yours today!  


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