5 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance with Office Design

work-life balanceAs work styles continues to evolve, so does what it means to have work-life balance. Many modern businesses offer a number of perks to help employees control their work-life balance including flexible work hours and generous vacation time. When it comes to a good work-life balance employees are looking for places in the office that aren’t constricting, stale or mundane.

You can further encourage a healthy work-life balance using modern office design. Here’s how:

1. Lounge Areas

One way to facilitate social interactions and teamwork with co-workers is by creating lounge areas in your office space. These spaces are a great alternate to the traditional conference rooms for a casual meeting. Lounge areas can also be great to step away from your computer for a coffee break.

2. Quiet Nooks

On the other hand, employees also require quiet nooks to get down to work. With all the bustle of work life it’s important to give employees a space to focus in. This is especially true for businesses that have open concept offices. These types of spaces are also important to ensure that there is an area to conduct work or calls in private. Incorporate office furniture pieces like individual couches, and desks with dividers.

3. Fun Elements

To further facilitate social interactions, consider bringing in non-traditional office elements into your work space. Examples of this can include ping-pong tables or darts (nothing wrong with some friendly competition), picnic benches, and swings. These pieces help to bring the “life” aspect of work-life into the office.

4. Fully-Stocked Kitchen

There’s nothing like building community over food. Many businesses offer flexible work hours, which mean your employees may be in and out of the office throughout the day. Ensure that your employees have food options that will help boost energy all day long. Staples for an office kitchen may be coffee, tea, sweet and salty snacks. Remember to include tables and benches in the kitchen area to permit social interactions over meals and snack breaks.

5. Personalized Lighting

As more businesses choose to be located in different types of building, florescent lamps are a thing of the past. To create a homely feel in the work place allow your employees to personalize their lighting. Perhaps a personal desk or floor lamp that allows for employees to monitor their own lighting situation. An additional idea is to work in a space with lots of windows to bring in natural light.

Work-life balance is a concept that is continually changing as business practices also advance. Ensure that your office space grows and changes with emerging trends.

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