Essential Office Supplies for New Hires

Office SuppliesAs your business grows, new hires are inevitable. Help welcome new employees and equip them with all the office supplies they need to be successful at their new position.

Here are some areas to consider that are essential office supplies for new hires:

1. Writing Utensils

Although increasingly many of us work at a computer, you may consider giving your new hires the old fashioned pen and paper to work with. Set up new hire’s work station with a selection of pens, pencils and highlighters. Other supplies include notebooks and sticky notes. Your new hires will definitely come across the need for a pen and paper to write effective to-do lists or to leave reminders.

2. Storage

Storage is essential for any office, whether that be filling cabinets, desk organizers and folders. As a new hire begins to accumulate documents and other office supplies, give them what they need to remain organized. A disorganized office or decluttered desk can negatively impact efficiency and productivity.

3. Business Cards

There are a number of reasons business cards are still relevant, even in a digital age. Business cards are essential for new hires because it helps to built affiliation to the team and to the company. They are also important for the company to act as promotional marketing material.Welcome your new employee to the team by preparing business cards for them. Include important information like their name, title, contact information and your company name.

4. Ergonomic Furniture

Ensure your new employee feel comfortable in their new office by providing them with ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture has a number of benefits including improving health, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Ergonomic furniture can include pieces such as chairs and desks. In addition, may of us work at a computer which may require ergonomic a keyboard and mouse.

5. Promotional Products

A final great way to welcome new hires is by providing them with some promotional branded products. These can range from simple office supplies such as pens and sticky notes to branding clothing like a polo. This is further reinforce a sense of inclusion in the company. Further, promotional product hold benefits such as creating employee advocates for your company.

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