Essential Office Supplies for New Hires in Your Canada Office

Essential Office Supplies for New Hires

Now is the time that graduates from universities are walking and applying for their first professional job, anxious to put their skills to the test. Regardless of whether your new hire is still green or seasoned veteran, starting in a new office is both an exciting and a nervous experience. Make your new hire feel welcome and right at home with these office product “staples”.

Writing Utensils

Even though the modern office is full of innovative technology, good old-fashioned pens and pencils are still must have items. A cup filled with these inexpensive items makes a desk look inviting and ready to go. You’ll be amazed how such a simple gesture will be so well received.

Paper Goods

To go with the writing utensils, provide your new hire with the essential paper products. These can be in the form of a notepad, notebook, or even sticky-notes. These are also cost effective items that will be greatly appreciated. A new hire can make notes of the office layout, make to-do lists or jot down information from a business call.

Business Cards

Perhaps the most important paper product a new hire will ever use while they are working for your company is a professional business card. Giving a new hire their own business cards is truly the official way of saying, “Welcome, you are one of us.” This is a both a kind and a professional gesture that will truly make them feel and be part of your business. Trust a diverse office supplier like Everyday with custom print services to have your cards ready in a flash so your newest additions can get to the all important networking right off the bat.


Planners are one of the best gifts a new hire can receive from a company because they allow for them to transition and adjust to their new schedule and duties with ease. Giving a planner allows a new hire to keep track of meetings and their new daily responsibilities without missing a beat, so they never have to feel like they might be missing something.


Offices can be small places and cubicles can make them feel even smaller. From computers and phones to documents and files things can get cluttered fast at a desk or cubicle. Giving your new hire storage options, whether they be a filing cabinet or a desk organizer, gets them off to a great start because they feel like they have a place in the office because their belongings have a place in the office.

Ergonomic Furniture

Every desk worker has at least two pieces of furniture: the desk and the chair. Ensuring that a new hire, and all employees for that matter are equipped with ergonomic furniture is key to sustaining their health, preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and shows that you as an employer care about them as human beings. The easiest way to do this is to provide ergonomic desk chairs to accommodate them while they are sitting all day long (after all, sitting is the new smoking and has terrible effects on the body). To take this a step further, giving your employees, new and otherwise, height adjustable desks or sit-stand workstations so they can stand while they work for added health benefits.

Promotional Products

This one is a no brainer. Custom promotional products with your company logo or brand are a great welcoming gift because it gives them the chance to show their pride in their new position. Plus, who doesn’t love free swag? And the best part is that almost everything you give to your new hire can be a promo product!

For any custom printing service or custom promotional product inquiry, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help!


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