How to Pick a Calendar and Day Planner for 2016

Get 2016 off to a great start by investing in a calendar and day planner to help you get organize in the coming year. To make the best selection for your needs, I’ve outlined a number of questions to ask yourself before making your calendar or day planner purchase.


Calendars are a staple in most offices. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a calendar for 2016.

Are you a big picture person?

If you answered yes, you may consider a yearly or monthly planner to get a larger overview of your schedule. On the other hand, there are also daily or weekly calendars to take a more detailed approach to planning.

What size and material do you prefer?

Do you want a desk calendar which are usually small desk calendar or a larger wall mounted calendar? When it comes to wall mounted calendars, you have further options, including the type of material you choose such as whiteboard or glass. A plus point about a wall-mounted calendar is that they are generally magnetic, which allows you to add other accessories to help you organize further.

Day Planners

Day planners are the perfect accessory to schedule your day. Nothing beats the feeling of crossing out the items of your to-do list in your day planner. Here are a couple things to consider:

What functions do you need in your planner?

Day planners have a number of benefits including, improving time management, remembering tasks, and keeping a record of your routine. Determine the purpose of your day planner before selecting one.

What is your style?

The variety of day planners that are available allow you to make a selection that suites your personal style. Day planners offer more and more custom options, from how your pages are organized (daily, weekly) to the aesthetic of the cover. You’re likely to be using your planner daily, so why not choose one that fits your preferred style.


As the new year approaches, take some time to determine what type of calendar and day planner works best with the type of work you do.

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