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Branding is essential to good marketing. It not only announces your brand, but solidifies it. It’s not enough to simply have a custom letterhead on all paper materials, and yet doing so marks a company of quality and proud culture. In today’s business arena, where transactions and marketing are done via internet and different media, companies need to strategize how to put their brand before their target audience in a way that is unmistakable. This means that company names and logos must be visible on a variety of forms for any networking occasion, and this is where we come in.

Here at Everyday Office Supplies, we understand the necessity of quality printing, in both the traditional and modern promotional sense. Utilizing the most state-of-the-art printing technologies and methods, we can create high quality printed items using the most pragmatic, creative and imaginative solutions.

So what do you need printed and why do you need it? Let’s take a look…


Business Cards

These go without saying. They are the must-have item at any networking event, and one could even argue that they should always be in someone’s wallet or back pocket. This is how a person presents not only themselves, but their business as well. Business cards are the key to networking because you are physically putting your name and information into the hands of a lead. Your card should express not only yourself, but your company to the highest degree.

bank check


Despite the advances technology has made allowing us to make with payment methods, writing a cheque is still the most classic form. Having cheques printed with your company info is not only sleek, but it’s professional.



Clients and business recipients of mailed documents. When sending something in the post, especially if there are many recipients (ex: sending invitations for a company event) handwriting out the return address on all those envelopes would not only be a hand-cramping nightmare, but it also lacks the seal of professionalism.



When sending a document, the paper or parchment should have the same professional grade as the envelope it’s sent in, if not more. Having a properly printed letterhead says “official” and demands that the recipient respect the written contents.

manual invoice form

Manual Invoices &
Manual Forms

There are certain things that should always be traceable back to the company. Branded invoices and forms to be filled out manually should have company information and clearly legible so nothing can be distorted or confused in records.


Sales & Invoice Books

Like with manual invoice and forms, sales and invoice books should clearly have the company brand shown so all professional business records are documented. Think of it like a person’s signature authenticating a document.

sales receipt slip

Sales Slips

These are to be handed to the customer after making a purchase. Like business cards, a person handing over a sales slip is giving the recipient and extension of the company. That small piece of paper should not only be a record keeper, but it should send the right message.

And so much more!

The possibilities of what you can have printed to present your company brand are only as limited as your imagination. Everyday is here to help you strategize and make the best impression every time.

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Thinking of taking things a step further?
Everyday provides the highest quality service in making promotional products for any event you need them for or even just to promote company culture.


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