8 Cubicle Decor Ideas to Make Your Desk Less Boring

If you work in a cubicle, chances are that it’s grey and dull-looking. Spending your workdays in a boring workspace can be uninspiring, especially if you have a job that requires creative thinking.

Luckily, there are many cubicle decor tricks and ideas out there to spruce up your workspace and give it a new life!

1. Get a Potted Plant or Flowers

Plants and flowers are great for cleaning the air and adding happiness to your work area. Small bouquet of tulips or carnations are budget-friendly, or get a potted plant in a nice pot for more longevity.
cubicle plant

2. Add a Pop of Colour With Accessories

Get office supplies, such as staplers and scissors, in bright colours to stimulate your senses. These supplies won’t break the bank, but will last for a long time.
colourful accessories

3. Frame Some Colourful Photos

Photographs of landscapes from your vacations or family members can bring joy to your everyday work life by helping you remember happy moments. Instead of just pinning them to the cubicle wall, try framing multiple photos so that you can make a mini-gallery.
framed photos

4. Pin Your Favourite Quotes

Who doesn’t love motivational quotes? Add a few of these to your cubicle to keep you focused on your goals and activities, and to lift you up on challenging days.

5. Use Patterned Fabric For the Walls

Your grey cubicle walls don’t necessarily have to be grey. Buy fabric and use pins or velcro to cover the entire wall of the cubicle with a pattern that’s more delightful.

6. Replace Your Desk Lamp

You don’t have to settle for the fluorescent desk lamp or lighting your cubicle comes with. Adding a lamp with an interesting or colour lampshade will make your desk more welcoming and comfortable.
new lamp

7. String Up Some Christmas Lights

Strings of white lights aren’t just for Christmas trees and dorm rooms. They can used to add a warm touch to your cubicle, especially when it gets darker in the later afternoon or early evening.
christmas lights

8. Dress Up Keyboards & Mice

There’s lots of accessories that can be used to spruce up your computer essentials, such as your keyboard and mouse. You can add removable coloured tape to your keys or upgrade your mouse pad to something with an edgy pattern.
Washi tape

We have a lot of other accessories and storage ideas to help make your employees’ cubicles more inspiring. To get the most out of your office supply budget, contact us at or 416-652-6829.


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