How to Choose the Best Whiteboard


A whiteboard is a staple in most offices for a good reason. For one, whiteboards facilitate collaboration. For example, writing down thoughts as a team is a great way to solidify brainstorming. In addition, whiteboards are great for visual learners. Visually displaying and prioritizing your tasks will help you manage your activities. This could be a simple to-do list, or a complicated work flow chart.

Check out these tips to select the best whiteboard for your office:


The first thing you need to do is figure out for what the best whiteboard option is for you, is to determine what the purpose of that whiteboard is. Will it be for personal use in your office, in a meeting room, or in a public area? Answering this question will help you with other whiteboard criteria such as surface, size, and design aesthetic. You want to make sure the whiteboard you end up up selecting works will with your goals.


Next, you should explore different surface options for your whiteboard. Your choices are likely to include, porcelain, melamine and glass. This is an important decision to make because different surfaces are intended for different uses, and will ultimately impact the lifespan of the board. For example, the lifespan of one porcelain surfaced whiteboard equals six melamine surfaced boards, so its a great option for a whiteboard in a high traffic area. Additionally, the surface will also effect what type of maintenance and cleaning is needed for the whiteboard.


When choosing the size of your whiteboard, you’ll have to consider a number of things. The first is what does the wall or room that you want to place your whiteboard on look like. The size of your whiteboard will also be depend on how many people will be using it. A whiteboard for personal use versus one for a board room will differ in sizes.

Design Aesthetic

Another important factor to consider is the design aesthetic of your whiteboard and how it will fit into the overall tone and culture of your work-space. One way to customize your whiteboard is with the frame colour. For example, a mahogany wood frame is considered more formal. On the other hand graphite or aluminum finishes are modern and sleek.

Other Accessories

There are a number of things that help you customize and add decorative elements to your work space including dry erase markers, erasers, cleaners, and magnets. Some whiteboards also come with grid patters, so think about if this is an appropriate option for you. Finally, you’ll want to consider if you’d like to mount your whiteboard or if you’ll need to invest in an easel.

A white board is a great addition any office area and offers a number of benefits to your employees. By considering these criteria when choosing your whiteboard you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your purpose and space.

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