5 Tips For Organizing Your Office Space

cluttered desk quoteAlmost every office has a messy area or two. An organized desk and office can lead to better office harmony and improved focus. On the other hand, one of the world’s most well-known scientists, Albert Einstein, famously said; “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?”

But, what about an organized desk?

This post will outline 5 simple ideas for organizing your office space and desk to increase individual and team productivity.

1. Keep only frequently used items at your desk

This may sound like a silly point, but consider what equipment and supplies are frequently and infrequently used in your workspace. For example, does it make sense to have equipment for binding large proposals on your desk if it is seldom used? It may be better to store that in the office supplies area.

2. Have a filing and storage strategy

What kind of items should be stored? Where should they be stored? These are great questions that you need to ask yourself as you started out on this organization journey. You will of course need the right desk and drawer organizers to de-clutter your space.

3. Purge your office regularly

If you are currently in a messy space, purge the desk of unwanted paperwork, excess pens, and anything you do not use on a regular basis. If you have knick-knacks gathering dust, get rid of them as well. You can still have personal items such as family pictures on your desk, but your workspace should not be the receptacle for useless vendor and partner swag.

4. Recycle and reduce paper

One of the easiest ways to keep the office clean is to reduce paper. This is also an excellent way to save on printing costs. Storing files digitally and using cloud storage tools like Dropbox can make it easier to find files, share information with colleagues, and access documents from anywhere.

5. Start each day fresh

Make sure at the end of the day your workspace is cleaned-up and de-cluttered so that you can start the next day fresh. If you make it a habit to throw away one item at the end of each workday, you’ll have decluttered over 200 items over the course of the year.

We hope these tips should help you maintain a more clean, happy and productive office.

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