6 Ways to Reduce Office Printing Costs

One of the larger everyday costs for offices today are expenses related to printing. The two largest components of printing costs are paper and toner. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to reduce printing costs in the office.

1. Use a Digital Version

Before you print a document or request a report in hard copy, could it be viewed electronically instead? Large monitors, projectors, and tablets have made viewing and working with documents in their digital form much easier than it used to be.

2. Print Duplex

Most office printers come with the ability to print on both sides. This functionality is called being able to duplex and can be selected from the printer driver. This feature could save up to 50% of the paper used for any print job.

3. Multipage Printing

Most printer drivers have the ability to print multi-up. This means you can print multiple pages on one. This is a very effective mode if you are proofing documents. Use “2-up” for proofing drafts or “4-up” for sharing presentation slides. Using multi-up with just 2-up can save 50% of toner and paper.

4. Remanufactured Toner

The quality of today’s remanufactured toner is very good and the pricing is excellent. Most remanufactured cartridges include a 100% quality guarantee and deliver the same yield as original cartridges. The savings can be 15% to 45% depending on the cartridge. Here’s list of remanufactured toner cartridges we offer.

5. Save on Paper

Paper is one of the biggest costs of office printing. It can be confusing as there are many different types and brands. Savings can be especially significant if you buy a generic paper product over a brand name product.

6. Print Brochures and Other Materials In-House

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you can often save money by printing in-house instead of sending it to a printer shop. Colour laser printers are affordable and the cost of printing with a laser print is similar to the price at print shops. Studies have found that, on average, 30% of pre-printed documents are wasted. Instead of stocking an inventory of printed materials, keep your your marketing materials in a PDF format so you can email or print-on-demand instead.

There are many ways to save on office printing that can have a big impact of your bottom line. To find out about other cost savings ideas, product information, and other office supplies information, subscribe to the monthly Everyday Office Supplies newsletter.


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