15 Great Father’s Day Gifts For The Awesome (And Hard To Buy For) Dad

15 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re stumped about what to gift the man who has always been there for you, check out these 15 ideas and give with confidence this year…

The Gadget Guy: Tech-y Accessories

Deflecto Hands-free Tablet Stand

Deflecto Hands-Free Tablet Stand

Ideal for engineers and designers who need to take notes on site, a hands-free tablet stand turns any tablet into a mini desktop upon returning to the office. Your father can easily see all recorded information while keeping both hands free to conduct important work.

Artistic Docking Station

Artistic Docking Station

A dad with a lot of tech and things on his person should have one convenient place to store them when they are not in use. Whether it’s at the office or at home, a sleek docking station is a way to keep all your tech organized and prepared to go.

Voice Tracer 2510 Digital Recorder 8 GB Black

Business Source Widescreen Frameless Privacy Filter Black

Keep sensitive data and personal information free from prying eyes with a privacy filter. A visitor to the office or an ambitious coworker has much to gain from peaking at an unprotected computer screen. Keep your dad’s information safe with this simple yet futuristic tech.

The Kitchen Blitzer—The Smoothie Making, Coffee Drinking, Cool Refreshment Dad

Holiday SA0801 Carrying Case Notebook File Folder

Hamilton Beach Blender/Chopper

If there’s someone who loves their smoothies more than millennial women, it’s their fathers. Protein shakes and smoothies are excellent and necessary supplements to take after the gym or as a quick breakfast. Level up their blending game with a top of the line blender.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffeemaker

Caffiene keeps everyone going, and a hard working father definitely needs that fresh cup in the morning. While K-cups are convenient, they are pre-ground and their containers are bad for the environment. With a proper coffee machine, your dad can brew fresh joe quick and easily each morning and get the boost he needs to start the day.

Royal Sovereign Beverage Cooler

At the end of the day, a workingman likes to come home and have a cold beverage waiting for him. Small and compact refrigerators serve this purpose to a ‘t’. Give him his own personal bar stash for his man-cave and your dad will thank you all year.

The Organized Office Man—The Guy Who Keeps It All Together

Winnable Executive Pad Folio

For the dad who is on the go or needs to stay organized for his big boardroom meeting, a sleek portfolio to hold his notes and documents will help him to send the right impression and seal that important deal!

Voice Tracer 2510 Digital Recorder, 8 GB, Black

Whether you father is in journalism, needs to refer to exact ideas mentioned in an important meeting, or wants to compare interview answers from potential hires, a voice recorder is just the trick. It is subtle and yet highly effective to keep information for future use.

Holiday SA0801 Carrying Case (Roller) Notebook, File Folder – Black

Does your father travel a lot for work? A carrying case designed specifically to hold important files and documents is just the ticket he needs to never worry about his important company information being mishandled or getting disorganized.

The Man Who Writes The Rules—Writing Instruments To Make A Bang!

Whether your superhero dad is a high-ranking executive, a meticulous accountant, or even an aspiring author, a well-made pen is the way to go. It may seem simple, especially in the face of technology, but the pen is often the instrument where great ideas come to life and used to close big deals. A good pen is not only precious to the user, but it can act almost as a magic wand and promote the status of an individual.

Genuine Joe 42 Piece Tool Kit with Case

Cross Century II Medalist Chrome 23KT Gold Plated Appointments Fountain Pen

Sleek and accented with two-toned metals, this pen says “this guy has the class to stand above the rest.”

Cross Century II Precious Metals 10K Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Cap Ballpoint Pen

Gold and gliding, this pen has the touch to keep all accounts accurate and inspires ideas of success.

Cross Aventura Onyx Black Fountain Pen

Elegant. Classic. This is a pen for the man who has ideas that need to be read and heard by the world.

The Handy Dandy Dad— Tools To Keep Everything In Ship Shape

Pyramid Home/Office Tool Kit

Compact and easy to organize this tool kit can be taken on the go, for any emergency or quick fix that he needs to tackle.

Continental Tuff Box Portable Tool Organizer

Highly durable to protect the heaviest tools on the toughest of jobs, this tool organizer box has a 20 gallon capacity making it the only portable carrier he’ll ever need.

Genuine Joe 42 Piece Tool Kit with Case

Uniform for neat and professional aesthetic, the case has the durability to protect the high-quality tools within. This is great for the dad who likes to keep up on maintenance and be prepared at a moment’s notice.

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