7 Ways to Foster Creativity in the Office

creativity in the officeA creative office can be a big asset for any modern business. Not only does a creative office allow your workers to feel inspired and motivated, it can also positively affect workplace productivity. Creativity leads to productivity in a number of ways including tacking big problems, crating autonomy, and emotional investment in projects at work.

Here are 7 ways you can encourage creativity in the office:

1. Create Zones

When thinking about how to organize your office, think of zoning each work space area. Think of your office like a hub, much like a city. Different areas of a city is designated for different purposes, like your office. For example, zones can include, collaborative meeting space, and social areas.

2. Remove Barriers

A notable trend in office design in recent times is the open concept office. One of the elements of an open concept is to remove physical barrier that could inhibit collaboration. Removing physical barriers such as cubical walls can encourage employees to interactive and work creatively together. Anther type of barrier that you can consider are hierarchical barriers. Working in diverse teams from different department and management levels can also foster out of the box thinking.

3. Think Comfort

Creative thinking people need to be physically and psychologically comfortable to be creative. When considering your office design make sure that employees feel like the work environment is comfortable. For example, do this by incorporating couches or ergonomic chairs and a well stocked kitchen.

4. Incorporate Fun Elements

Creativity is often a process. Think about giving your employees the outlet to work and play in the office. this will foster will rounded employees.There are a number of ways to include fun elements in your office design, such as team activities like ping pong tables and foodtables. Or if you have a balcony or terrace, create a lounging area for employees to casually discuss ideas.

5. Flexible Work Hours

Creative thinking cannot be forced, so consider offering employees flexible working hours. While some prefer the morning routine, others thrive later in the evening. Giving your employees the ability to choose working hours will help them work to the best of their ability.

6. Let employees choose

If you have the ability to do so, brainstorm office design ideas with employees. taking the needs of your employees into consideration when determining what you want to include in your creative office is a great place to start. Allow employees to bring decorative elements to make the same their own. As mentioned above, a comfortable work space is essential in fostering creativity and productivity.

7. Change is Good

Creating a creative office space for your business needs is completely up to you and your business goals. Don’t be afraid to deviate from traditional means of office design or management, especially if you notice positive results. If not, switch things up, and try and new approach to creativity with a few tweaks.

A final note about creative workplaces is simply this: gone are the days of traditional cubical. What employees are looking for now are great office design and policies that make get the creative juices flowing. How does your office fair?

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