5 Ways to Avoid the Print Shop and Save Money

avoid printingThere was an interesting article recently from Wired, titled “The Paperless Office: 30-Year Old Pipe-Dream?.”

It does seem like a long-time predicting the demise of paper. The reason that paper survives is that it is still a flexible and effective medium. Commercial printing is still huge business in North America, and the printing industry in 2014 was approximately $86 billion in the US.

Saving money on printing is a big opportunity for small and medium sized businesses. There are many alternatives to using a print shop for your marketing or sales materials. It’s possible to reduce expenses for printing, without affecting sales and customer service.

1. Tablets

This technology allows you show content in a very similar way and size as with printed material, only with more flexibility and interactivity. To present content on a tablet, you could use a PDF, web page, or even a custom app.

2. Projector and large screens

The price of large format display technology has come down significantly in price. It is hard to beat a digital projector for showing content to an audience in a room. They are also portable, the projected image size can be easily changed and offer a sharp picture.

3. Presentation slides

Instead of providing hand-outs for a presentation, you can save the presentation to Slideshare or post the soft copy on a portal for others to share. This saves on the cost of printed presentations and binding. This also makes it easier for your content to be shared online.

4. Print-on-demand

Colour printing technology for the office has come a long way. Colour laser and inkjet technology is fast and produces high quality results. Instead of printing brochures in bulk, use print-on-demand to only print copies you need, when you need it. This approach will also lead to less waste because all your prints will be from the most recent document version.

5. Email invoices

Instead of printing and mailing invoices, consider emailing them. This not only saves printing costs, but also the cost of mailing the invoice. Most basic accounting and bookkeeping software programs have the ability to email invoices from the application. If you have a more complex environment consider a tool like OnePosting.

These tips should cut down on your printing costs while allowing your business to still communicate effectively with clients, prospects, and partners. If you would like to get summaries of our other blogs and great third party content consider signing up for our monthly newsletter.


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