An Office Supplies Audit Can Save You 20% to 30%

Small and medium sized businesses are looking for ways to decrease discretionary costs. This is one of the largest areas that is often overlooked in examining office supplies. Everyday Office Supplies provides office supply audits free of charge. We are often able to find savings of 20% to 30% for the companies that we perform audits for. How much could these savings be? According to a study by United Stationers, businesses spend $186 to $544 on office supplies per employee, per year depending on the size of the company. No matter what size your company is, reducing unnecessary expenses will help streamline your operations and increase your bottom line.

These savings can come from

  • Looking at actual costs. Many supplies companies make it difficult to understand what your effective price is.
  • Buying larger quantities on select items to save money.
  • Some of the largest expenses come from printing and copying and include items like paper and toner. There are many alternatives available, are you selecting the ones that are best fit for your organization?
  • You may be charged shipping charges for smaller orders, next business day, or even gas surcharges.

What inputs we need for our Audit

  • We meet with your contact in charge of office supplies.
  • Examine past purchases.
  • Review office infrastructure.
  • Take a look at inventory levels.

After the audit we provide a report that highlights opportunities for savings, actions required for those savings, and estimated savings. Our Office Supplies Audit typically finds between 20% and 30% yearly savings. If you are interested in determining the savings opportunity for your organization please email me,


How to Select an Office Supply Vendor

After reading this free 12-page guide, you'll know the right questions to ask when it comes to pricing, order and delivery process, product support, invoicing & payment terms, and more.


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