Everyday Insight: The Top Office Trends Of 2019 That Are Here To Stay

The Top Office Trends Of 2019 That Are Here To Stay

It’s a new year and the times are changing. The way people work is undergoing a renaissance that affects everything in the 9-5-day right down the interior décor. This movement is a total, immersive transformation, and business owners cannot afford to ignore these trends, especially when they are the foundations for competitive advantage.


Technology is what is propelling humanity into the future, and it is becoming imperative in the workplace. Desktops no longer cut it when it comes to advanced office systems. The ability for a company to be fluid and mobile is key. Portable devices, such as tablets, are becoming a necessary factor to conduct business both outside the office, as well as in the more collaborative and open concept offices.

Furthermore, with technology making the world smaller, more connected, having the ability to videoconference with clients and partners halfway around the world is becoming a necessity. Who knows? Those videoconferences could very well be hologram conferences within the next decade. Having an office and business that both incorporate technology (computers, smart-boards, and advanced AV supplies) into its very structure and conduct business using that technology will blow the competition out of the water for years to come.


White washed walls are O-U-T! Spice up your office décor. Psychology tells us that adding color to your office space is an instantaneous way to promote positivity throughout the day. What’s more is that is can help to promote company culture. Which colors are on your logo? Consider painting some of the walls those colors. This also works psychologically, making employees feel like they have a real connection to the company, resulting in higher productivity. People pack-bond with just about anything, and they express that attachment through outward expression. They will wear the colors of their country, schools, and sports teams. Promote company culture enough and employees will have a personal investment in their work that goes beyond a paycheck. Color: simple, but highly effective.


Flexible Furniture

Cubicle. It almost seems like dirty word to the modern employee. It conjures an image of stiffness, dullness, some would even say a trapped sensation—this is your tiny space…now stay there! The human body is designed for mobility, and sitting at a desk for 8 hours every can seem almost claustrophobic. Depending on the layout of your office, cubicles may be a necessary evil. If this is the case, supplying your employees with ergonomic furniture, specifically designed to move with the human body is absolutely necessary to maintain employee health and positivity while they are at work.

To take this idea of flexibility and mobility of furniture to the next level, think open concept. This is an interior design trend is indeed the way of the future. Technology is making the ability to work mobile and collaboratively easier with each passing year. Having an open design with furniture that can move where and when coworkers need it brings teamwork to a whole new level.

Eco-Friendly Design

Eco-Friendly Design

Like slow technology, white walls, and cubicles dark rooms and irresponsible waste/consumption practices are a thing of the past. Not to mention, that they are a complete turn off to the forward thinking generation of top talent entering the workforce. The future employees prefer offices with natural lighting, a concept made possible through open design and glass walls. For the bad rep that Millennials get, they are actually highly environmentally conscious. Therefore, companies that employ green practices such as recycling and implementing water purification systems are attractive to them. Even the incorporation of plants in the office décor (yes, real ones) is a plus in their book. Business owners can be sure that this isn’t just a fad. The shift in thinking to be environmentally conscious is just the groundwork for the future office. Who knows? Offices may well be run completely on solar or wind energy in the near future.

Make your office of the future today!


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