Essential Office Supplies For Startup Companies In Canada

Essential Office Supplies For Startup Companies In Canada

Startup companies are born from a vision an entrepreneurial spirit has. A company founder knows what his or her business will do and how they will do it. Yet, for these pioneers basic office needs are not usually first to mind when it comes to making that vision a reality. A fledgling CEO can know all there is to economic trends or which fashion designs will be in vogue next spring, but find themselves at a loss when they have to fill their offices with the necessary supplies. That’s where we come in. See below for the true office supplies essentials that every startup should have in its arsenal to hit the ground running.


Yes, furniture is in fact office supplies. Think about it: are you employees sitting working on computers at desks, or are they conducting work in a powwow-like fashion, sitting in a circle on the floor with their tablets or laptops?

The basics a company will need are:

Everyday Pro Tip: When it comes to investing in furniture, especially chairs and desks, it is best to make sure that all staff members are taking advantage of ergonomic options. Doing so will not only benefit their health, but likely increase productivity, which is essential to a startup’s success.

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Technology is the way of the future, and startups are certainly leading the charge. In order to compete with the competition, startups need to have the proper accessories to get their foothold.

Everyday Pro Tip: Technology may be the way of the future, but all gadgets are still manmade products and can fail. Losing connection during a big virtual meeting, or having your Mac computer be incompatible with standard PC wires when setting up a presentation are nightmare situations. Have the backup solutions to be prepared for all tech malfunctions.

Desk Supplies

“Desk supplies” is just a differentiating term for the items most people simply call “office supplies.” These are all the essentials everyone has used since elementary school, and are absolutely needed in the workplace:

Everyday Pro Tip: Staying clutter free is key to a stress-free workspace. Using desk organizers is an easy and affordable way to keep everything in its place.

Mailing & Shipping Supplies

Despite the fact most of how business is conducted is over the phone or computer, there will always be items or documents that a client needs to receive through the mail. If a company is selling or providing physical products, it will need the materials to get those items from inventory to the client’s doorstep. These items are simple:

Everyday Pro Tip: When sending you client or customer an item they have purchased, include a thank you note. A handwritten one takes 10 seconds to write and gives a personal touch that will definitely be noticed and appreciated.

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Many startups are taking their first steps in co-work spaces, meaning that they don’t have an office they can use all on their own. One of the perks in choosing this route is that most of the office supplies is provided by the co-work space. Nice! Still, there are some things that co-work spaces fail to provide for the fledgling company, such as Printing and Promotion Services. Fortunately, Everyday Office Supplies is here to save the day on this point.

Printing is more than ink and paper: it’s the branding of a company. From business cards and envelopes to letterheads and specialty labels, having a company provide printing services is key to establishing a professional and reputable front when giving customers and clients physical documents.

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