Why You Should Purchase From A Certified Woman Owned Business

Buying From Women Means Giving Support

Supporting women who take the initiative to work and build something for themselves is what we strive to make happen at Everyday Office Supplies. We do this not just because we are a certified woman-owned business, but because women everywhere need people to have their backs.

Inspiration. Innovation. Confidence. These are the key ingredients for a woman beginning her own business. Statistics show that more women actually introduce more innovative ideas into established economies than men ( But women still need the confidence to turn their ideas into a successful business. It can be daunting to enter a “man’s space,” but according to the GEM 2014 Women’s Report, women who see their peers thriving in the business arena are given the confidence to take a swing, too ( If people buy from certified woman-owned companies and diverse suppliers, then those companies will thrive and send a clear message:

Inspiration, Innovation, Confidence

See? It can be done. And you can do it, too!

Equality Is More Than A Paycheck- It’s Respect

Equality is More Than A Paycheck

At the end of the day, women-run businesses and buying from them isn’t about a competition. It’s about equality, and that doesn’t simply mean having women in the workforce. Currently, women only make between 80 cents for every dollar made by a men ( In modern times, it seems implausible that a person in a first world country would not make full pay for valid work, and yet this happens to women everyday. Women should be paid the same as men for equal work, especially when so many of these women are single mothers trying to support their families.

If companies owned by women are given the same respect and patronage as those run by men, then female employees will see that same respect and equal pay as their male counterparts. In turn, the economy will also thrive. Studies show that if women received equal pay, then poverty rate for all workingwomen and single mothers would be halved ( With poverty rates cut, the economy would rise and children would have more educational opportunities, which would then lead to a cycle of prosperity, innovation, and more people achieving higher education. That’s a win across the board. Therefore, investing in women is an investment for a better future, and it begins with supporting diverse suppliers and women-owned businesses by buying their products and services.

Girl Pilot

Once upon a time, to say that men dominated the workplace had the same stone cold truth, as “people can’t fly.” Well, last time we checked an airplane can be seen flying overhead at any moment. It’s still a battle, but we are proud to say that the paradigm is being turned on its head one woman-owned business at a time.

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