Pink Supplies Picks For Your Work Wife On Valentine’s Day By Everyday

Our Top Pink Office Supplies For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! We’re sure you’ve made all the proper plans and bought all the roses and chocolate for your significant other, but what about your Work Wife/Hubby? It really wouldn’t be fair to forget to show your appreciation for them, would it? Now, the traditional gifts might send the wrong message, so at Everyday Office Supplies, we’ve figured out the answer to this conundrum: Pink Office Supplies!

Whether they’re your Work Wife, or a boss wants to show some festive appreciation towards employees, pink office supplies sends the message, “this relationship is professional, but I still want to celebrate this 9-5 day with you.” Plus, you can’t deny that there is a certain humor to this sort of gift giving.

Here are some of our top pink picks:


The year is still young! Give the pink present of organization.

Hold on to Love

Like a hug from a friend, give the gift that holds on to everything.

Love Notes <3

There is something both innocent and intimate about gifting writing materials. Give a thoughtful gift for your special office person without speaking a word.

Funky Festive Fun

Get creative with your gifts!


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