Mother’s Day Gifts For The Working Mom & Office Mom She’s Sure To Love

Mother’s Day Office Mom Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Brunches are being planned and gifts are being bought, but that raises the question: what do you get for the working mom or for your work mom? Whether she works the 9-5 and then comes home to her family, or if she is there working the 9-5 with you, calling you ‘hon’ and making sure that you take your [healthy] lunch break, show that hardworking lady the appreciation she deserves!

The Organized Multi-Tasker

Ideal for women who are always on the move, scheduling meetings and Cub Scout events, a planner or calendar that allows them to view not only their daily tasks, but those in the upcoming weeks and months is ideal. Mom’s are usually juggling many balls at once, a gift like this helps her to keep them all in the air without missing a beat.

One only needs to look for the communal candy stash to find the office work mom. Giving her an organizer to hold the odds and ends of office supplies is a great way to keep her desk clutter free. A fun tip: fill such a bin with her own stash of candy to give it an extra special touch.

The Coffee/Caffeine Queen

Everyone needs that morning lightning jolt and the afternoon pick me up in the breakroom, so keep your lady ready for any battle in the boardroom and energized to handle the kids when they get home from school. K-Cups, while convenient are bad for the environment, so keep it green and keep it delicious with fresh brewed coffee that makes enough for your work mom to enjoy all day!

If you’re giving the gift of coffee, don’t forget to pair that eco-friendly machine with delicious gourmet ground coffee to make the gift complete.

The Tech-Savvy Sister

Working at a desk for hours on end each day can have bad effects on the human body if a person doesn’t use proper ergonomic tech accessories.

Keep your momma’s pretty hands strain and pain free with an ergonomic mouse pad designed to support the wrist and tendons that can be injured or damaged from excessive mou

Your work mom is always looking out for you, so you should look out for her. Adjustable monitor risers will help to support proper posture, reducing the strain on the neck and eyes, so she can work comfortably and eliminate the possibility of long-term musculoskeletal injuries.

The Writing Wonder Woman

Technology may be the future, but many people still love the good-old-fashioned pen and paper for jotting down important notes and ideas. The gift of a smooth writing pen is often met with more gratitude than a person might expect. Trust us, women they can rely on.

Have a work mom that is super organized right down to her color-coded notes? Incredibly smooth and elegant fountain pens not only mark her as a lady of class, but they denote a woman with a sense of quirky organized fun.

The Paper Princess

If she loves a good pen, she’ll love paper to write on. Fun colored notebooks and journals are great for women who want to keep all of their notes in one place or who journal as a hobby.

Does your work mom leave reminders or fun notes around the office? The Post-it Cube or any other fun-shaped sticky notes is a way to show her that you appreciate her care and reminders and want her to have a little dose of fun as she does it.

From everyone at Everyday Office, a very Happy Mother’s Day to you and the lovely, hard working ladies in your life!


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