Get Organized For The New Year: Everyday Office’s Expert Tips

Get Organized For The New Year

The New Year means resolutions, and this year we highly recommend that you save your money and skip the gym membership. The resolution that will make you far more productive and stress free is simple: get organized and stay organized. To help you get started we’ve outlined these expert tips…

Office Furniture

Make sure that you have clear pathways. If certain items of furniture need to be circumnavigated to get you to your desk, then move it to a better spot of get rid of it all together.

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Office Desk Drawers

  • Use caddies to keep your drawer supplies organized.
  • Label your drawers and the organizers inside them.

Office Routine

  • Make folders for meetings, people, and projects.
  • Straighten up before you leave for the day.

The Desk Or Workstation

Regardless of your industry or your job…Clear. Your. Desk.

  • Don’t use an item everyday? Find another place for it.
  • Stacks of papers? File them.
  • How many personal items do you have? Limit yourself to 3.
  • Can you reach everything easily? Keep all items within arms reach.
  • Taking notes, signing or reviewing documents often? Keep a paper sized free space on the side of your dominant hand.
  • Where is your phone? Put it within reaching distance and on the side of your dominant hand.
  • For other items left on your desk, use specially designed desk organizers.

Want to take your resolution a step further? Incorporate daily health consciousness into your routine and replace that desk with a sit-stand workstation—but don’t forget to keep it neat!

Business owner? We’ll help you reorganize your entire office to maximize your employees’ health, happiness and productivity:


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