5 Essentials for a Great Office Break Room

Office Break RoomAlthough a majority of workers’ days are spent at a desk, there’s another very important area that many of us frequent – the office break room. The office kitchen and break room areas are vital for a number of reasons including, to grab a snack, to hold a casual meeting, or to simply step away from your computer screen.

Break rooms are important to encourage your employees to take mental and physical breaks from the everyday demands of work. In fact, one study revealed 59% reported that more breaks would improve their work happiness. Not only that, 85% of employees believe that taking breaks during the work day result in increased productivity.

Here are 5 things you must consider if you want to build a great office break room.

1. Comfortable Seating

Creating an atmosphere that is welcoming starts with selecting comfortable seating. There are a number of options available when it comes to buying office chairs including task, managerial and executive chairs. You may consider incorporating a variety of seating options such as couches, individual seats, and chairs that accompany tables. This will allow your employees to create seating arrangements according to their needs.

2. Collaborative Tables

Certainly a break room is perfect for enjoying some time away from your work, but it’s also a great space to collaborate with team members outside the desk environment. To facilitate this, consider including a few tables for casual meetings. If not, these tables should work well if you plan to collaborate over lunch or a snack break.

3. Kitchen Appliances and Supplies

A second important part of the break room experience is all about taking breakfast or snack breaks. Ensure that your employees have the essential kitchen supplies to do this. Kitchen items that are frequently found in break rooms can include a coffee maker, kettle, and a toaster or toaster oven.

4. Food and Drinks

Stock up a few snack and drink options to help your employees hop over those afternoon hurdles. When deciding what food and drinks you want to supply, think about how you’ll store them, how long they’ll last, and your employee preferences. A few easy-to-store and use drink options include tea bags, coffee, and water. For snacks, you may consider including popcorn, granola bars, and cookies.

5. Fun

If you have space in your office break room beyond the seating and kitchen area, you may want to think about adding a couple of fun elements to help your employees really step away from their work and get rid of some of that mental mental and physical stresses You can decide to add recreational games such as darts, a Foosball table or a ping-pong table. Give you employees the opportunity to bond with each other and enjoy their time at work. This can help you create a healthy work-life balance for your employees.

How does your office break room stack up against these ideas?

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