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Celebrating The Holidays & Valued Customers: Tips & Ideas To Show Them You Care

This time of the year when friends and family come together, it is important for business owners to also remember to tell their customers how much they are valued. Although the best and simplest form of appreciation is saying, “thank you,” most people will delete your kind email without reading or understanding the true sincerity behind it. Here are some ideas that will spread your good will and bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

A Handwritten Note

Like we said before. Emails are usually mistaken for spam and go right into the trash. Send your customers a hand written note in the package when they purchase your products. Not only do they find a surprise inside, but it tells your customer that your company took the time to write out that short letter. Keep it classic with nice white stationary, or get festive and write on paper with a holiday boarder. This method is simple, yet effective. Maybe even throw in a free sample, like special office supplies.

Celebrating The Holidays & Valued Customers

A Holiday [Business] Card

Take a note to the next step. Getting family to take a holiday picture is somewhere in between herding cats and pulling teeth, but employees look forward to a day where they can dress up and have a little fun. Taking a fun company or team picture to mail to your clients, wishing them health and happiness this season is an excellent way to accomplish many things at once:

  • Customer Appreciation [You say thank you and make them feel like part of the family.]
  • Company Awareness [You are literally putting your name literally right into their hands, while also showcasing your company culture]
  • Putting Faces To Names [If your company communicates with customers primarily over the phone or through email, clients can now see your employees as people and not a facet of a business.]

Give A Shout Out

Recognizing a customer over social media is a great way to make that person/company feel appreciated. Plus, you not only will have their satisfaction, but those who follow that customer will be inclined to look into your business as well.


When customers purchase from your business, put their name into a raffle for a big prize or package. This is something that will make your business stand out. Your business will be front in their minds as they anticipate the drawing, while feeling appreciated of your gesture regardless of the outcome.

Send Some Swag

Promotional products don’t have to be just for fairs and tradeshows. For a select list of customers, treat them to fun items that are sure to impress and show your appreciation. Here are some wintery ideas you can use to spread winter cheer:

  • Mugs for hot chocolate
  • Socks
  • Stockings for their cubicles
  • Candles
  • Ice scrapers
Tips & Ideas To Show Them You Care

For more ideas check out this quick video:

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