3 Step Guide to a Minimalist Office

Minimalist Design_OfficeThe phrase “less is more” is applicable in a number of scenarios, including office design. We recently wrote a blog post on trends in office space design and one of the leading ideas, when it comes to design, is minimalism. Here are a few ways that a work place can adopt the minimalist office approach.

1.Less Drywall

Many work places are moving towards an open concept office. This means taking down walls that may have previously inhibited communication and collaboration. In an effort to encourage teamwork and transparency, offices are choosing to lean towards this style of minimalist office design.

2.Less Colour

Although bright colours can add life to a space, there is a different kind of beauty that comes with having less, or monochromatic colours in a space. This is not to say to eliminate all colour from our space, but be clever about where you choose to infuse colour. A monochromatic themed office can also be less distracting, and allow you to focus more. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

3.Less Paper

One of the outcomes, as we move into a more wireless, cloud world, full of smaller and smaller devices is the fact that we use less paper. In a minimalist office, having less paper means you can get rid of bulky cabinets and drawers. By weeding out unnecessary documents, bills, and paper from your office you can make a smaller space seem larger. You may not necessarily reduce the size of your office, but it will allow you to use your space more efficiently.

By taking on some or all of these minimalist approaches to office design, you are essentially increase utilization of the space you already have.

If you need advice or suggestions on how to make the move to a minimalist office space, contact us at or 416-656-6829.


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