5 Must-Have Promotional Products for Charities

promotional products for charitiesPromotional products have a number of benefits for businesses including building brand awareness and recognizing employees.

Promotional products for charities are also essential for a variety of reasons. These include presenting the brand in a positive way at events, ensuring your team is on board, and making sure anyone who comes across your charity is able to connect with you. Promotional products can be used to help accomplish all of these goals. You can also save by purchasing these products in bulk.

Here are 5 areas to incorporate promotional products at your next charity event.

1. Brand Recognition Products

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of promotional products is to build awareness. As a charity, you have a number of options when to comes to selecting which promotional products work best for you including badges, wristbands, bags, keychains and much more. These types of promotional products are intended to boost brand awareness and reach. Most products can be customized to include branded colours, images, and copy. With the wide selection of promotional products available, there are options for any budget.

2. Volunteer and Donor Gifts

A major source of time and financial contribution for charities often come from volunteers and donors. Why not give back to these individuals with a promotional gift? Consider using promotional products as a token of appreciation to those volunteers and donors. Products you can give include plaques, gift baskets, and pen gift sets. Again, these products can be customized to include the charity’s name and the name of the recipient for example.

3. Team Attire

Your volunteers and team members hold the responsibility of presenting your charity in the best light to your event attendees. To make sure they are easily found, by those who many have any questions or concerns, consider designing a unique clothing or accessory pieces for volunteers and team members to wear. You can be as bold or as minimal as you like when showcasing your brand in their attire. Think about what kind of setting and the attendees are expected at your event to help guide your decision making. For example, a community fundraiser has a different feel than a formal charity event.

4. Business Cards

If you charity’s volunteers or other team members are at an event, make sure attendees can easily connect with them. Equip volunteers and team members with a business cards (personal or generic) to hand out to anyone that may be interested in speaking further. Handing out a business card may encourage the attendee to give a team member their card as well, which helps to facilitate a follow-up discussion. Business cards are still highly relevant, so make sure that your charity’s contact information including phone, email and social networks are clearly presented. Beyond the basic information, don’t be afraid to get creative in order to make your charity be memorable and stand out.

5. Donation Boxes

At some events you may encounter a majority of attendees who already support your charity, but at other events you may be addressing people who aren’t aware of your cause. Keeping this in mind, it doesn’t hurt to have a donation box present at your event, for people who may be inspired to contribute. Ensure that it is positioned in an easily accessible place. In addition, make sure that the box is branded with your charity’s copy and images.

If you’re part of a charity and plan to hold information sessions, fundraisers or formal events in support of your cause, think about how you can incorporate promotional products to round-out your event.

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