Essential Promotional Golf Accessories for Your Next Tournament

Golf tournaments are some of the largest corporate and charity events in the spring, summer and fall time. It’s a great opportunity that allows company executives and management to mingle with each other, with important clients and business partners. Charity golf tournaments also fantastic for raising funds while providing a relaxing experience to attendees.

Golfing events are a great time to give away promotional products to reinforce your company or charity’s branding. To help your organization stay at the top of the minds of participants, here are a list of ideas for promotional golf accessories.

1. Golf Balls


2. Golf Gloves


3. Golf Divots


4. Golf Tournament Trophies & Awards


5. Other Golf Accessories

Excited about planning the next golf tournament? Do you need more ideas for promotional products that will help attendees remember your organization? Contact us at or (416) 652-6829 for a free consultation and a custom quote.


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